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Are you interested in an exciting career in the Air Force Reserve? See If You Qualify Click Here Now!

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Military Pay Chart - United States Marine Corp

The United States Marine Corp does not need any preliminary introduction. It gives the country an edge over other States through its sheer strength in combating the opponent. USMC is a naval infantry and its adeptness lies in ship fighting and carrying out amphibious assaults. Amphibious assault deals with fighting from sea onto land. The United States Marine Corp is a part of the department of Navy. The Marine Corps are unconventional in their approach and take on the emergency task.

The United States Marine Corp cooperates with all the three operational forces wherever they need its help. It is perfect in the three techniques and thus suffices the requirement adequately. It is a quick response task force most suitable for operational work where it requires urgent action. USMC is the only armed force of United States with the authority to do whatever the president may direct.

Difference on the level of training also exists between the United States Marine Corp and the other branches of US Armed forces. Their training starts as riflemen and only after its completion do they carry on with their occupational specialty training. The inception of USMC goes back to November 10, 1775, formed to strengthen the might of American Revolutionary War. After the war, there was no urgent need of the ‘Continental Marines’. Disbanded in April 1783 it again came into active service in 1798.

The United States Marine Corp has an impressive emblem consisting of the eagle, the globe and an anchor. The eagle symbolizes service to the country; globe implies worldwide service while the anchor stands as a symbol of the sea. There are no strong unit identification symbols prevalent among the USMC. They are often mistaken for the US Army Soldiers. The apparent points of differences lie in their uniform. They do not wear berets and put on boots only while wearing utility uniforms.

These minor external differences are not significant and the United States Marine Corp is an integral part of the Defense operations carried out to protect the country. USMC exudes enormous spirit and enthusiasm and exemplifies victory over the enemy.

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